Definition of beauty? finding its real meaning is merely close to impossible, because they is no real justification to beauty. Mainly because we all have our opinion to it, but here is mine;

To me, beauty is what i make it seem.

Anything can be beautiful to me because it may appear as an asthetic to my eyes.

For example, love can be beautiful, the stars in the night sky can be beautiful, nature can be beautiful, someone special in your life can be beautiful.

So ultimately anything you see as beautiful or appears as asthetic to your eyes can be beautiful.

If you were to ask everyone individually what beauty is; look how often its defination would change. compared to my definition, there would be a great distinction. but none the less they are similar.

Google’s idea of beauty is that; beauty is a characteristic of an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perpetual experiment of pleasure or satisfaction. Again, similar to my definition being an asthetic to your eyes which equally means something you are looking at.

Even though i have an opinion about the meaning of beauty, it may be wrong to really understand that you need to reflect on the idea imposed upon us about beauty and how they evolve. its meaning can change as time passes because there really is no standard template for beauty.

I conclude thus, That there is really is no real definition for beauty because everybody has their own opinion and ideas of what beauty is so we can not impose our own definition of beauty on others.

  • Collins Manyame (15 Years old)