An overcomer


You are better than you think

He left, so what?

He had his chance.

he played his part in your life.

His actions moulded you to who you are today.

The irony is that when you love sincere and get betrayed,

you cry and your tears never fall to the ground in vain.

The creator of the universe, the creator of heaven and earth has your back.

So you sit there and device all kinds of revenge tactics.

Revenge? For who, for what for were?

Just sit still and watch the King of kings pay on your behalf.

The highest form of satisfaction is when you pick yourself up, take along shower.

Clean up your room and live again. before you know it, you are up and about.

You dust yourself up, make that application for Varsity, get that degree you wanted.

take yourself to that restaurant. sooner than later the joy of the Lord becomes your strength. you begin to glow.

eventually he begins to realise that he gave up a jewel while looking for chaff.

the elation that begins to come from  you is enough poison to that loser.

As you stand up high on your pedestal, glowing and going on about your every day life is clear of the great decision you took to lose bitterness, regroup and move on.

Life is too short. What ever you do, be joyous.